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Payments can be made through Paypal, Wire transfer, and crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and a number of other crypto currencies. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and we will do everything in our power to make your experience as educational, comfortable, and inriching as we possibly can. Contact ca be made through Leo Masters Tattoos page on Facebook, buzzkillsilencers@gmail.com, Or call direct at +66 093-227-3304.

That same number can be used for Whatsapp, LINE.

                          One of our sponsor locations is Lotuswell Resort.

A very high quality Resort with an amazing reputation for the best experience in food and drink,  service and lodging, With a spa on sight and a full gym at your disposal you are sure to not have any dull moments, and dont forget the massage therapy.

 Located on the mountain top less than 2 km. from the water front with a full bar and fine quisine and wonderful rooms in a well manicured tropical setting. This place is hard to beat! and thats why we chose them to service our clients. Check them out at   www.huahinparadisecity.com/lotuswell-hua-hin

​Included in the purchase of your training course is accomodations, Just inform us of how many travelers you will have with you, and we will provide you with several choices of available locations to suit your familys needs.

Information outlining activities and the most amazing restaurants will also be provided.

Located in the tropical paradise known as Hua Hin Thailand you can easily turn your training course into a semi vacation as Hua Hin is a tourist town with many attractions and activities to choose from along with many accomodations to choose from at very reasonable prices. Located just 2 1/2 hours from Bangkok the big city life is easily within reach. Travel to Bangkok can be had for as little as $6.00 US. one way.

Lotuswell Resort, Hua Hin

Full course price is $1999.00 U.S..  for the 4 week course.

The 2 week course price is $999.00, and adjustments can be made for everything between.

Both packages are inclusive of  very nice lodging with included amenities  such as swimming pool, gym,spa, ect. and a full staff to take very good care of you while you enjoy your relaxation time.

We can provide several locations for lodging, some near the ocean and some on mountain top. (The mountain top locations are still very near the ocean.) We chose these locations so you can enjoy a nice breeze no matter where you stay. The cost of your equipment will be added to your tuition price depending on the equipment that you choose and the size of the bottles of ink you choose. No worries, we know where to get the best quality products at the very best price, and we include NO MARK UP on your purchase of equipment and supplies. 

As stated above this price does not include all equipment needed to perform the sacred art of tattooing at a professional level, But worry not, R.O.I. (return on investment) can easily be expected in one month with the securing of a position as an artist at an established tattoo studio, or properly promoted freelance position.

Wheather being a full time artist is your goal or if you are only planning to add supplimental income that can easily outperform your main income, you will find that tattooing can provide either. 

Along with the freedom to travel the world without the worries of where your next influx of money will come from. Insights as to how to maximise your profits in these situations  will also be outlined in your course. Certificate of completion will be presented upon the completion of your course providing you with documentation of your training and contact information for a prospective employer to reference for your application for artist position. We will be happy to give them the full run down of all the knowledge you have and help you secure a position.

As part  of your course, the tattooing equipment you train with is the equipment you will take home with you. When you leave our training course you will have in hand everything you need to perform great tattoos.

Machines, power supply, needles, ink, barrier protection, ect. ect.

You will be trained in the use of both electromagnetic coil tattoo machines and Rotary tattoo machines and the repair, maintainance and adjustment of both.

I will teach you to adjust and tune your machines to optimum performance allowing you to almost effortlessly produce beautiful tattoos. 

Chances are you will have people back home waiting for you to tattoo on them after they see the work you are producing, and you will have the equipment and skills to do just that!


The full course length is 4 weeks, But as we understand that not everyone can just leave home for 4 weeks, we have created an adjustment system that allows for training courses of different length and prices are adjusted acordingly. Also we have no problem splitting the instruction into more than one visit to Thailand. We have found that many people who come here once, come back to vacation again.

Included in your course will be training in bloodborne pathogens and cross contamination prevention, Adult and child CPR, Adult and child first aid, Introduction to tattooing,  Equipment, materials, and supplies. 

How to use them and where to buy them, So all the guess work and trial and error is taken out and you will have access to the best supplies and equipment available, you will also know the money saving short cuts that you can take without sacrificing any quality.

Not only will you recieve training in how to apply tattoos you will also recieve artistic training covering things like light and shadow, color and black and gray and value and contrast versus lines. These things that you will carry with you throughout your new career.

​If you ever thought "I would love to be able to do great tattoos"?, but didn't                           know where to start?..... You have found your beginning!!

Leo Masters has been training award winning artists for over 17 years. Wheather you are a beginning artist or experienced, he can teach you all aspects of the craft in easy to understand terms that will speed you through the learning process and get you on your way to performing great tattoos and earning the kind of income you would like to earn and having a great time while doing so!

(Average prices for tattoos in the western countries is in the $80.00-120.00 per hour range.)

All Inclusive Tattoo Training course