Tattoo Vacation

By booking with Lotuswell Resort Hua Hin. through Leo Masters Tattoos you will recieve discount rates on lodging (selected times of the year are deeply discounted) and you will be given a rate on your tattoos that is equivelant of $35.00 US per hour. This unheard of bargain can only be obtained here. This massive savings translates into extra money to be able to afford plane fare and pocket money for your vacation all the while getting that piece of custom tattoo work you have always wanted. Through this special offer you will be able to stay at the Lotuswell Resort at an unbelievable price of 

This section is still under construction. If you have any questons, please feel free to contact me.

Because of my unique location and the lower living costs I am able to offer Top quality custom tattooing at a fraction of the cost of the same in Western countries.

What this equates to for you is massive savings on larger pieces of tattoo work allowing you to easily afford a vacation in a tropical paradise, while still getting the art work you desire.

All at  prices still lower than you would pay in the west, and with an artist with 27 years experience and the patience to work with you to make your piece of custom work everything you always wanted it to be, and more.

               All the tattoos you would like to get and a vacation to boot!!

Hua Hin, Thailand

I have teamed up with Lotuswell Resort in Hua Hin to create the Tattoo Vacation where folks can not only enjoy the luxury accomodations of one of Hua Hins most esteemed Resorts, with numerous amenities for the weary traveler such as swimming pool, spa, weight room and gym, game room and fine dining and a service staff that is on hand to accomodate your every need. All in a lush tropical setting guaranteed to provide the atmosphere needed to relax the way you deserve.